Health is a priority. Read about how we’re upholding hygiene standards during COVID-19 here.

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Covid-19 Farmtheory

13 Oct 2020


At farmtheory, health is a priority– and that sentiment isn’t restricted to nutrition. We’ve taken every possible measure to safeguard you and yours from the pandemic. We follow stringent no-contact delivery protocols in accordance with guidelines issued by the Government to ensure that from the time the produce leaves the farms to when it reaches your home,  it is fresh, safe and healthy- in every sense of the word.

Our Measures

At the Warehouse

  • Workers entering the warehouse are temperature checked upon arrival. Masks and gloves are mandatory at all stages and are donned from time of arrival to dispersal. Gloved hands unload, sort, grade and pack your produce. So when it reaches your doorstep, it is unsullied by human touch.
  • Workers are segregated into batches and an elaborate system ensures minimum personnel are deployed in each shift in an effort to mitigate crowding

At Time Of Delivery - In light of our standing commitment to the no-contact policy we have

  • Chosen to adopt a box-based system of packaging. Thus omitting even the need for produce to be transferred by hand between bags at the time of delivery.
  • Meticulously trained our delivery personnel to place the box at your doorstep,  then proceed to maintain a safe distance and patiently wait there until you finish verifying your order. 
  • Temporarily disabled the Cash-on-Delivery mode of payment in the interest of nullifying contact at the time of delivery.


We pledge to be more than an exploitative firm chasing the green, to recognise the responsibility of our consumers’ health placed in our hands and to care - about our farmers and you.

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