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Kitchen Gardening

21 Sep 2020


Starting a kitchen garden is a great way to reduce food waste, beat the quarantine blues and experience digging up fresh harvest right from your balcony/ backyard. If you have little ones at home, have them pitch in too! They’ll love watching a garden come to life before them. Here are a few quick, easy and low-maintenance ways to get started using just the leftover odds and ends from your last farmtheory box.


An all-round favourite and a staple in most Indian cooking, tomatoes are as fun to grow as they are to eat. Here’s the rundown :

What you need :

  • thick tomato slice of any variety 

  • a gardening pot with holes for drainage

  •  vegetable-friendly potting soil

How : 

  • Place your tomato slices into the soil and cover them lightly making sure not to bury them too deep.

  • Put your pot where it’s moderately sunny and sprinkle them with water (be careful not to drench them or leave them out in the rain).

  •  Be patient. In around a week you should see the beginning of shoots peeking out of the soil and before the fortnight is out you should have strong saplings that can be transferred to a bigger pot where they can grow into healthy plants.


A dash of lemongrass in your tea is enough to liven up any morning and coriander is the go-to favourite to add to Naans or to garnish off the Kadai Paneer in the Indian kitchen.

For both these delectable greens simply leave the leftover stalks in water for 3-4 days, changing the water every day until you begin to see the beginning of shoots and roots. Once the roots are around 4-5 cm long, replant them in a bigger pot with a bed of healthy soil where they’ll have more room to grow.

These plants are exceptionally low maintenance as they are self-propagating and new plants will start growing by the side of existing stalks. You should have a blooming bed of scented lemongrass in about 4-5 months and then you can head out to your windowsill at your fancy and grab up a few leaves to spruce up your cooking.


This one is a classic that we’ve all experimented with in Junior Science Lab. Instead of beelining for the trash, place your leftover carrot tops in a shallow dish containing water with their bottoms halfway submerged. Place your dish by a sunny window and change the water every other day. In a week or two, you should see sprouted shoots, at which point its ready for your carrot top to head for a roomier abode in a pot with vegetable growing soil.

On Side: Did you know: Your farmtheory boxes come with packets of seeds that would make great additions to your vegetable gardens.

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