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Reducing Food Waste at Home

21 Sep 2020

Reducing Food Waste at Home with Farm Theory

Here at farmtheory we’re invested in fostering a sustainable zero food loss culture that would work towards building a healthier food system in the long run. And you can join in right from home! Reducing food waste can mean you don’t have to buy produce as often and save money while also reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a global cause. Here’s how to get started!


Just a little strategizing can prove to be instrumental to the war on food waste in your kitchen. The fun little acronym FIFO refers to the doctrine of first using the produce which may spoil faster.  Plan ahead and chalk out the week’s meals beforehand (keeping in mind FIFO). You won’t have to squander time wondering what to cook before each meal and in no time you should see a drastic reduction in the amount of spoiled food that makes its way to the bin.


This one is easy and a lot of fun to do.  All it takes is last week's leftover carrot heads, onion tops and coriander stalks, some patience and a little water to grow your own blooming vegetable garden. Sounds enticing? For more ideas, tips and tricks to get your garden in full swing, check out our detailed blog on kitchen gardening here


Freezing is a great way to make sure your fruits and veggies don’t go bad too fast especially if your week's meal plan tells you you may not be able to eat all of them in time. Not just fruits and veggies, go ahead and freeze bread, meat and prepared meals too.

Tip: Extra tomatoes about to go bad? Most Indian recipes use feature tomatoes in the base masala. Saute them with onions and make a puree. Pour the puree into ice trays and freeze. Next time you’re cooking use these - they’re just as fresh and it's a lot quicker than chopping tomatoes every time.

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