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Upcycling Box

21 Sep 2020


Welcome back! We hope you’re enjoying your farmtheory boxes!  Do you ever find yourself wondering if there is something better you could be doing with those empty boxes piling up than throwing them away?  If yes, then this post is for you. Read on for our top picks on upcycling your farmtheory boxes.

Storage Totes

You can never have enough storage space and these can be lifesavers when it comes to conquering the mess in your living room. Trim of the flaps of your boxes, give them a splash of paint that matches your interiors and you’re good to go. Use them to throw
in toys, store art supplies or organize your wardrobe.

Grow Microgreens

If you want to start a garden but don’t have any pots handy, your farmtheory box can be the perfect stand-in. Smaller plants- like microgreens and herbs, can grow reasonably well in corrugated boxes. Make some holes in the bottom, fill them up with soil and they should make a comfortable home for your saplings. For more on propagating microgreens and ideas on what to grow in your makeshift plant pot- check out our article on kitchen gardening here.

Get Creative!

It may look like just a box, but with a little imagination and some glue, it would make a great spaceship, a castle or a dollhouse for your little one to explore in. Give them free rein, some paint and see what they come up with!

Indoor Pet Home.

If you’re a loving pet-parent grab a pair of scissors and turn your box into a lounge spot for your beloved pooch. Prop up the flaps and secure them with some tape. Use the scissors to cut a large door on one of the sides and you’ll have a home for your pet pal to relax in. 

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