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About Us

Hello! We are the founders of farmtheory.
Thank you for taking the time to read our story

Who We Are

We started farmtheory with a bold mission to make a better food system in the world which would curb food waste, increase farmer incomes and give access to healthy, affordable and yet remarkably farm-fresh produce to every family. Our faster-than-your-supermarket value chain ensures that our farmers’ harvest is packaged with love and delivered to you as soon as the next day.

At farmtheory, we are building a healthy lifestyle brand that is fun, witty, simplistic, and innovative. Our mission is to deliver a wow experience with the freshest produce straight from farms. We encourage our customers to embrace a healthy and fresh way of living while putting them on a road to zero waste.

Our goal is to put your fresh produce needs on autopilot along with delivering the freshest farm produce so that cooking becomes exciting, fun, and clean. The culture we are promoting at farmtheory is extreme customer-centricity along with creating a better food system for the world.

Join us on this mission! We’d love to hear your thoughts and chat with you. Write to us directly at

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